Jealous Ritual spells in Europe

Jealous Ritual spells in Europe
Jealous Ritual spells in Europe

Take some time to write down, on scraps of paper, all the things you feel jealous about. Name as well as the ways in which you feel jealous or envious of other. Therefore Supreme Love Spell has got you Jealous Ritual spells in Europe

Throw each of these jealous “thoughts” onto a large green (preferably a sickly green) cotton cloth, until you have a big pile. Then tie the corners together with cotton string, making a bundle.

Allow yourself to become as sickly green and angry as the cloth bundle you’re holding, projecting all the anger and sour feelings you can muster into the bundle.
When you feel ready, throw the bundle into a fire and watch it burn.

“As this bundle of jealous thoughts
burns, so do the feelings and emotions
burn away in me.”

Now, inscribe a light blue or pink pillar candle with all the things you genuinely love and value about yourself. Whenever you feel jealous, look at and light the candle, remembering you are just as awesome as anyone else.


If you’re here on this page, chances are good you’ve already read about the basics of banishing and getting unwanted metaphysical entities out of your life.

However, sometimes, we have actual people in our lives that cause problems, and this is where a banishing spell comes in handy.

There are a number of different methods you can try – just make sure that the one you use doesn’t violate any of your own personal moral or ethical guidelines.

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