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Sometimes no matter how hard we study, we still need an extra edge. If you have a really big test coming, or a really important exam, you probably want to make sure you do well. Even if you study a ton, there’s no guarantee they won’t throw a curve ball. But with Magick on your side, you will throw a curve ball of your own, every time. This spell will help you pass an exam.

Of course, this spell will only work if you’ve actually studied for the exam. It’s a kind of spell I like to call an enhancement enchantment, meaning that if you’ve already done the hard work, this spell will push you closer to success. If you haven’t, then it won’t give you that much of an extra boost.

Luck, a clear mind, a persevering spirit; these are all elements that we need during a tough exam. Because, let’s face it; sometimes, studying super hard won’t win the whole battle. Especially if you’re prone to freezing up in tests due to the paranoia that you’ve forgotten something or if you don’t know where to start because your head is cluttered with SO many different ideas.

So how can you ease this exam anxiety and make sure you get a good grade? With this handy spell, of course!

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